The Imploder Reducing CHLORINE in Water

We had multiple suggestive but subjective reports- that in fact The Imploder does eliminate chlorine smell - and chlorine poison to growth:

Rui, our Imploder representative in Portugal, wrote in detail about how The Imploder eliminated the chlorine smell in his water, and improved the problem with plant growth which is normally inhibited by chlorine.

Yvan in Cambodia is doing detailed tests with The Imploder.

He writes "Dan, It is very clear that the chlorine taste in water is very reduced to un-noticeable (with TheImploder). Showering with The Imploder is an amazing feeling..."

Then Yvan set up independent lab testing to measure The Imploder Chlorine Solution.
We now have our documented independent laboratory reports- reduction in chlorine- from passing thru The Imploder:


Dan Winter explains chlorine reduction effect of the IMPLODER:

The mechanism-HOW the chlorine- or other pollutants are SORTED in the presence of IMPLOSION (we will be measuring results with other impurities):
the precisely (phase conjugate) angle of CENTRIPETAL force spin- first hydro-dynamically then amplified magnetically in The IMPLODER- is better than your washing machine spin cycle for sorting by mass.

Water's molecular structure normally is set to gently work to push out any molecules which do not fit the fractality of its array (rather like a growing quartz crystal deciding which 'dopant' to accept- the iron that turns it into citrine / amethyst for example - families KNOW who fits.) The more centripetal the electric field of the water, the greater it's ability to push out molecules which don't 'fit the nest'. See- below discuss about heavy metals- like aluminum- WHY lack of fractality- means in-ability to EMBED!

For another example of this principle- read about how The PYRAPHI - charges rock powder- (piezoelectric / phase conjugate / dielectrically CENTRIPETAL) - when a small amount is put in polluted pond- THE WATER CLEARS!