Super Imploder Upgraded Design


The Super Imploder received some great upgrades, the improvements are as follows...

There are Stronger and more Attractive End Caps that improve press fit Thread adapters.
New internal Steel Mounting Alignment Brackets which provide...

  • Increased Focus Magnetic Flux Lines into the water up from 3000 to 4000 gauss.
  • Drmatically focuses the flux into the pipe
  • Recirculates the flux on the outside Back inward!
  • Virtually eliminates tendancy for flux decay.
  • Perfects the opposing alignment accuracy - meaning pine cone like conjugation of opposing lines
  • Increases Overall Strength and Product Resiliency.

Pictured is the super heavy custom steel bracket (4 in each Super Imploder unit)


The scret to how we increased the effective magnetic flux reaching the water from 3000 gauss to 4000 from our specially made conjugate 8 supermagnet array.