SuperImploder Upgrades 2016:New Nozzle&ORing-Higher Pressure

Major Upgrade - 2016: Major Nozzle Upgrade: In addition to growth / hydration / solubility effect- so many are using Superimploder for commercial reasons- including -eliminating water softener need, - eliminating build up in pipes, -reducing water needed for irrigation and washing. For these applications we have completely redesigned our unique IMPLODER VORTEX NOZZLE: to allow commercial pressures- now rated to 100 psi. The new injection mold material is RESINEX TECHNYL - fully potable rated and SUPER STRONG- (less brittle than the Fortron) AND (see image) - we have added a super custom designed high pressure square cross section ORing. More on this (and the tech data sheet on the material) :