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Enterprising Clean Energy Research and Development

"It has now been established that the most basic chemical bond in the Universe, the hydrogen bond is Golden Ratio and the Universe is 90% hydrogen. It is not surprising that the Universe is shaped like a Dodecahedron and that the Golden Ratio is present in all things."

-Dr. Patrick Flanagan in reference to Dan Winters invention

“Dan Winter’s calculation of the Kanzius frequency of 13.56 MHz using the Planck time and the power of golden ratio. It just doesn't get better than this!! Case closed for the validity of the Kanzius work. Your idea when put through the rigorous mathematical test holds water for the Kanzius results too!! What a gold mine!”

–Dr. Sal Giandinoto, PhD

We are cracking the hydrogen code to liberate hydrogen from water at a much lower input energy than possible before, opening way to hydrogen economy.

Releasing Hydrogen from water by using the new precise equations for the accurate 'wavelength’ and ‘frequency harmonic series’ of hydrogen. A dramatic reduction in power to split hydrogen is the core of our hydrogen golden ratio project. The only power in our system is the amplifier to generate the key "singing note" frequency series we feed to the hydrolysis plates.

The Breakthru in proof of the fractality of the hydrogen structure allows us to optimize these frequency recipes. Our technology precisely accounts for this phenomenon and allows a more powerful and direct approach to tuning hydrolysis and hydrogen energy production. This will revolutionize the leap into ‘energy from water’.

Unique Technology and Invention

The Golden Ratio Hydrogen Energy Technology is centered on the discovery and proof of the key frequency recipes, which efficiently facilitates the splitting of hydrogen from water.

New groundbreaking research by Dan Winter of Fractal Field Technologies has empirically derived precise frequency packets based on Planck, Golden Ratio and hydrogen atom diameters to separate hydrogen from water in a more efficient and lower energy cost than is currently possible. We use a unique frequency signature treatment of hydrogen which creates an “implosive hydrolysis” to manufacture Hydrogen from water. These ‘implosive hydrogen’ frequency patterns make it possible to revolutionize hydrolysis thus providing for the world’s clean energy needs from water.

The new equations involve amplitude and frequency through time, which ‘ring’ the hydrogen atom. Instead of broadly slamming the water molecule with an offset voltage for hydrolysis - the applied voltage is specifically applied in a process that coaxes the hydrogen atom off the water molecule. For example, this is rather like getting a singer on precisely the right pitch to break a glass. In this case, to use the analogy, the glass is the precise bond geometry of hydrogen.

Following are the 3 main streams of technical developments

  • Battery charging and rejuvenation technology
  • Hydrogen fuel cell & fuel enhancement technology
  • Motor-Generators using Hydrogen fuel cell & fuel enhancement technology 

Pulsed Phase conjugate battery charging and rejuvenation technology

This system uses a unique combination of pulse modulation and resonant energy transfer to create an ultra low resistance state in the battery. This facilitates a rapid energy transfer into the battery’s chemistry without any corresponding increases in the battery’s temperature. It allows the battery to accept and retain charge much more rapidly without any corresponding cell degradation, which is a well-known drawback of other rapid charge systems. In fact our system in its final form will provide ongoing cell rejuvenation greatly increasing a battery’s useable lifespan.

There are several key areas where this technology can be put to use.

  • Stand alone form to support and greatly increase the efficiency of existing energy storage systems
  • Solar & wind powered rapid battery charging of lead acid deep cycle batteries
  • Grid independent home power systems
  • Minimization of charging times for industrial equipment and tool battery packs
  • Electric forklift batteries
  • Next generation electric vehicles.

As part of an integrated system this technology can increase the rate of charge of battery units used in portable & stand alone fuel powered generator systems.

The generators are used to recharge or top up deep cycle battery systems reducing the amount of fuel consumed & extending time between re-fuelling.

It can also be applied to other battery current intensive processes such as electrolysis and molecular disassociation to separate water or other liquids into component molecules for things such as:

  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Cleaner burning low carbon footprint
  • High energy gases
  • On demand requirements.

Pulsed Phase conjugate Hydrogen fuel cell & fuel enhancement technology

Examples of uses for this aspect of the technology

  • Produce clean gaseous fuels for gas welding equipment
  • Hydrogen for various applications including in ceramic fuel cells for converting it directly to electricity,
  • Oxygen for industrial use
  • Fuel enhancement to improve combustibility
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reduce pollution

Where this technology comes into its own is in combination with fuel driven motor generator systems such as small to medium portable or mobile generator units used in remote or hard to get to locations such as:

  • Mine sites
  • Out back remote schools and hospitals
  • 3Rd world underdeveloped countries
  • Remote farms and remote cattle stations
  • Emergency power generation during and after natural disasters

Reduced fuel consumption and higher fuel to electricity conversion efficiencies mean less frequent re-fuelling of remote generators and longer running times providing sustained power production allowing it to support power tools and emergency communications equipment, lighting and portable battery recharging stations amongst other things.

Motor-Generators using Hydrogen fuel cell & fuel enhancement technology

Its is already well established that when various gases derived from liquids such as water, are added to standard fuels such as Diesel, Petrol, LPG and Natural Gas, the various mixtures can be catalytic in nature which greatly enhances the burn characteristics delivering less particulates, especially in the case of Diesels by up to 30% or more and with great increases in fuel economy and power delivery

This technology can be upsized or downsized as required to accommodate small, medium or large generator systems as well. Other engines for our consideration would be older diesel trucks that will have great difficulty in passing future emission regulations. In fact this market is huge. Also off road applications such as:

  • Tractors
  • Pumps
  • Heavy machinery
  • Generators of all kinds.

The market is huge and almost limitless.

Commercial Applications

This approach well result in a drastic reduction in the power or wattage required for splitting hydrogen from water. This means virtually unlimited energy from water on demand. The commercial possibilities are obviously planetary, revolutionary, carbon neutral, renewable and profitable.

Electricity generation, anywhere- anytime

Municipal, off grid, third world, medium scale for factories, buildings, business, home use / home fueling solutions, Military and NGO groups could use these mobile, high output hydrogen generators to supply power shortly after a disaster.

Tar Sands Oil separation

The cheap and efficient use of burning hydrogen from water can be used for the massive amount of energy required to separate oil from tar sands, rather than the methane presently used


The push towards hydrogen powered cars, especially from Mercedes, BMW, and Toyota etc. Hydrogen production inserted into cars, trucks, trains and shipping will be a huge market in the years to come. Military, NATO, non-governmental service agencies are moving to non-fossil fuel vehicles that can be refueled from local sources and which are non-polluting. Companies with large commercial fleets; taxis, delivery services, short and long haul trucking could use large industrial units to generate large quantities of hydrogen that could supply hydrogen at a much lower cost.

With our Golden Ratio Hydrogen Energy Technology, hydrogen can be generated for a much lower price per liter equivalent


Because our technology separates hydrogen and oxygen, it also separates impurities, creating instant desalination

Rapid Battery Charging

Huge potential for rapid battery charging for domestic market, transport and making solar panels much more efficient.

Customer Problem: What happens when oil is priced out of reach of the average family? And it will be. This generator allays the fear of losing power due to unaffordable high oil prices. Also useful in remote locations.

Product/Services: We will build and sell robust 5kW electricity generators that run on hydrogen from water using our new fuel cell design. Tremendous cost savings on fuel by investing in a generator that runs on water as no more fuel costs. This technology is totally scalable from mobile home units to medium sized community generators to gigawatt power plants. Once the 5kW generators are accepted, we move into other sizes and licensing to other industries.

Target Market: Anyone who uses a generator or fuel cell for any purpose. Initially, our market will be web based and consist of early adopters, techies, our own interested networks, back to the landers, and alternative energy buffs as beta testers. Then we move into the early majority market through generator retailers and tar sands applications. Then we focus on licensing the technology automakers, generator makers, transit systems, utilities, etc.

Customers: Remote off grid power supply, emergency disaster preparedness generators, water pumping systems, well site power, ranchers and farmers, recreation vehicles, boats, power homes selling excess power to grid.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: We are considering mixing gasoline in the fuel to gain acceptance. As we build power, website marketing, tech groups and forums, YouTube demos, attending demos, trade shows and conventions worldwide. Licensing will be done on a by region and by industry basis.

Business Model: Design Build and Sell 5kW electricity generators that run on water (maybe with gasoline mixed in to start with for acceptance) on the Internet, and license the technology to multiple verticals worldwide.

Competitors: Diesel, LPG, gasoline generators, fuel cells and the human tendency to resist to significant change. The H2 competition is still in its infancy.

Competitive Advantage: Our generator runs on water not hydrocarbons. Fill up in the lake. Eco-friendly. No CO2 Emissions.

Management: Roger Green heads management and will coordinate investment and the team involved with development of the technology

Ex Summary

Name of Technology: Fractal Field Technology

Company name and registered offices: Fractal Field Technology PTY LTD Sydney Australia

Brief description of technology: Based on ground breaking research and development by Dan Winter and our Melbourne based scientific team. The theory behind all of these inventions is the Fractal Field, the very essence of life giving electrical magnetic fields. We are cracking the hydrogen code to liberate hydrogen from water at a much lower input energy opening the way to hydrogen economy. (1) Rapid battery charging and rejuvenation technology. (2) Efficient hydroxyl gas production as a supplementary fuel system for all engines and generators.

Benefits and features: Vast range of Battery charging systems from led acid to lithium. Huge potential for rapid battery charging for domestic market, transport and making solar panels much more efficient. Electricity generation, anywhere- anytime with our portable efficient Hydroxy generators. Tar Sands Oil separation. Fuel-efficient transport. Desalination: because our technology separates hydrogen and oxygen, it also separates impurities, creating instant desalination.

Market place entry: Fuel enhancer cost saving technology. 5kW (and upwards) Electric Generators. 2 stroke engines. Eco-friendly customers. Rapid battery charging and making solar panels more efficient

Stage of development: Seed capital required for further research and development

Investment opportunity: $100,000- $200,000 for negotiated share holding.

Extra Info: We are interested in serious investment to move forward these unique inventions and to further the testing, validation, engineering and commercialization

Contact: Roger Green

Website: (being developed)