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The Star Mother Kit is an  Ultimate Learning Tool for Sacred Geometry Modeling, from Dan Winter..

  • It is a precise model of The Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy, Literally Fractal (Conjugate) Space-Time. 
  • Kit includes the model and Dan Winters new book, plus trackable shipping.
  • Embeds: StarTetra (Green) / Octa (Red) / Cube (White) 1.0 / Inner Dodec (White) .618 / Icosa (Yellow) 1.618 / Outer Dodec (White ) 2.618 .

Creatres Precise Geometric Model Of:
a) The Radii of Hydrogen in relation to planck radius core: from my new equations for hydrogen:
b) The generalized geometry of all phase conjugation and fusion (alKHEMy) and perfected fractality, commercial examples: (bioactive electric fields), , and the concept in essence- complete physics summary

The hydrogen center bond of each codon is phase conjugate / fractal / implosive /negentropic! - - The center of each implosive CODON rung on the DNA ladder- IS the HYDROGEN atom which is precisely implosive / phase conjugate in nuclear structure:  Since Winters new equation proved that at least 3 radii of hydrogen are precisely whole number golden ratio exponents times planck length, it offers a corrected picture of the radii of hydrogen- at the heart of DNA's implosive braid: Phase Conjugate TORNADO- to the SOUL: the black hole wormhole down the center zipper of DNA!

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