Golden Mathematics of Fusion / Implosion

Is Golden Ratio optimized phase conjugation the way multiple compression waves converge constructively creating the origin of spin (vorticity)
and in the process the origin of all centripetal forces- including gravity?

The key to (phase conjugate) cohering the energy of the vacuum..

is the understanding that the only way the inertia is stored and distributed IN the vacuum..

is in this (phase conjugate) symmetry which allows the wave inertia to be distributed infinitely with zero (resistance) destructive interference: (animation below- note the phase conjugate opposing 'pairs of pine cones kissing noses' pairs):

grail anim below..

Images of phase conjugation from the Dan Winter's original TIMESTAR project:

Below- As this dodecahedron stellation undergoes expansion / collapse by precisely 2.618 (Phi^2)-
try to visualize how the recursive constructive wave interference function- looks like this undergoing phase conjugation implosion / expansion
(this original animation used with permission- courtesy of Paul Nylander )

SO to COHERE THE ENERGY of the Vacuum- to reach into the vacuum and extract the (charge) inertia- the symmetry of your (phase conjugate) array (optical/ dielectric / magnetic / phonon)..

MUST invite that implosion of inertia into the perfect cone - BY BEING AS FRACTAL / CONJUGATE as the inertia of the vacuum is itself!

In the pent, dodec/icos symmetry, we can see how the "concrescence" of waves, can produce centering of constructive pressure agreement producing the possibility of converging a virtually infinite number of nesting spin symmetries. This is nature PHI-lotactic of PERFECT embedding. Not only does it have evrything to do with magnetism ONE WAY WIND of inward implosion called gravity, it also is probably the essential geometry of COMPASSION itself.

Being the solution to "constructive self re-entry" of wave mechanics, and the definition of 'opimized translation of vorticity' in hydrodynamics-

the golden mean spiral provides the definition of:

  • self awareness (ability to self refer): meaning the feedback system which ultimately produces awareness (perfect fractality / self-similarity / recusion / embedding)
  • recycling perfected to the point of ultimately defining sustainability and (conjugate) self-organiztion
  • the ultimate path from matter (rotational inertia) to energy
  • the ultimate wave mechanic to extract the inertia of space / the vacuum: provides the implosion path- for 'Zero Point' vacuum coherence energy - the KHEM in AlKhemy