Phase Conjugate Seed Germination

A seed participates in a “life or death drama” at the moment it either germinates or dies. If we look at the germination process in the most gross and basic of terms, for LIFE to begin depends on whether or not a seed has developed the power to steer or orient the angle of approaching water molecules from its environment toward itself via centripedal force.

If a seed can crank up the electrical power to steer in the approaching water molecules laden with nutrients, then we have the miracle of germination. If not, we have death. Where does this electrical power come from? It comes from electrically centripedal force of fractal or phase conjugate implosive charge symmetry.

One good example of the life enhancing effects of this centripedal force comes from an observation made during the plant growth experiment detailed above. Dr. Sal Giandinoto measured the germination rates of our magnetically charged water versus the non-charged water. He observed that in almost every case, the stems of the plants fed Imploded water were standing straight up (supporting the weight of the leaves) while the stems of the plants fed non imploded water were mostly lying down. This is one example of how imploded water imparts more strength to the growing seeds.

To re-iterate, the difference between a seed that is alive, versus a seed that is dead, is the ability to shoot out an electric field strong enough to change the angle of incoming water. The ability to radiate charge is therefore Life. If the ability to radiate charge becomes our definition of life, then it is necessary for something to compress that charge so that it can radiate. Charge compression is perfected when it is Fractal! So charge radiation is also perfected when Fractal.

How It Works

The crux of our technology hinges on our discovery of Phase Conjugate Magnetics. When magnetic lines are properly aligned and focused they phase conjugate. Magnetic domains have long been thought to be simply toroidal, whereas they are actually octahedral in nature. The understanding of this geometry opens the way for like poles of the magnet to actually attract each other and strongly stick together, ie. N to N, and S to S. When this happens, the extreme focusing of the magnetic flux densities aligned in a cone produces cohering of water molecular clusters. When water passes through this magnetic flux density, it is “sorted” in a way that reduces the molecular cluster size and increases charge radiance efficiencies. Evidence for this effect is measured with the “Korotkov” GDV Device (Gas Discharge Visualization) as a net decrease in entropy, which by definition means more order in the molecular arrangement of the water molecules.

In the graph to the left, entropy is plotted on the y-axis. Note the higher entropy measured in the tap water plotted in blue, and the significantly lower entropy measured in the same tap water conditioned by the Imploder Device.
Right: Notice the visual increase in charge radiance (equivalent to Life Force) in the Imploded tap water on the left compared to the untreated control tap water on the right, using the “Korotkov” GDV Device.

This discovery revolutionizes water treatment, water purification, and water pre-treatment for increasing agricultural yields and other applications. It also opens the way to increase sedimentation rates which likely have advantages when converting tar sands into oil production, for use in revolutionizing sewage treatment reducing the time of treatable discharge, and in other waste management scenarios such as treating dairy farm waste.