David B - from QLD, Australia

Just a quick note to let you know the parcel of miracles arrived ok today thanks. We are on rain tank water and I am a pump man so I was able to hook up a temporary set up this afternoon. I installed the Super Imploder and filled up a water vessel and jugs to get a swig of the nectar of the gods and got a surprise, the jet of water was very intriguing and will experiment further as day light was nearly out, tastes great.

I installed the shower head and had a shower which was great, I had it turned up a fair bit and the pulsing action and sensation was quite invigorating. I had about 800mls of the imploder water to drink and now an hour later I am buzzing my ass off inside and out...amazing stuff. I will really have fun with this.......thanks again. We also seem to have quite a lot of synergy happening which will reveal itself as life goes along I’m sure.


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