Kris Lang

"I tried some imploded spring water last night - I felt really good and charged after having it - my friend June hooked his up to a jet pump used to pump well water - he told me when he hooked it up initially the imploder leaked from the joint in the implosion cone so he took it apart and resealed it with plumber's goop - everything is fine now - the pump runs in the area of 30 Psi.

June has put the imploded spring water into his water cooler as well - the traditional "glug glug" from the water cooler when you get a drink is noticeably quieter - the water is also very bubbly just sitting in the cooler jug - mini-bubbles.

My friend who purchased the imploder from me has had some interesting experiences - one time he ran an imploded bath for his 6 year old son without telling him and his son made a comment that the water felt differently during his bath.

My friend (junior)and I are drinking imploded water like crazy haha - when we went out of town to get my jet pump we brought the cooler of it with us - it's definitely uplifting - junior was saying that while he was having an imploded bath he was holding the nozzle over his stomach and as he watched the water formed "geometric grids" - and his stomach "rose and puffed out" under the stream as well - he was so stoked about it he stopped by my house to tell me right away."

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