Letter From Canada

Greetings All,

Yesterday we hooked the Imploder into the plumbing of Scott's home,(western Canada) had some interesting observations and some troubles that we solved and would like to tell you about.

OBSERVATIONS - These are qualitative and anecdotal. Scott's home has both a water filter and ultraviolet treatment system. The Imploder was installed downstream of both of these.

  • In a blind test, both of us could instantly tell which water was imploded and which was not.
  • The taste of the Imploded water was preferred by both of us.
  • Maggie - The experience of drinking and showering in the Imploded water was both energizing and concurrently grounding. A balancing sensation. The effect was discernable for hours. I could tell which glass held Imploder structured water by just holding the glass as I could feel the increased energy of the water through the glass with my hand.
  • Scott - Noticable Lightness in the quality of the water treated by the Imploder as compared to the untreated control water. That lightness was obvious in both drinking and showering experience.
  • The water only went through the Imploder once.

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