Maggie from Canada

When Maggie from Canada first told me that her first Canadian user who installed The Imploder- directly in his house main water supply, swore that it helped him with his back problem- I scratched my head for a moment. But then - upon studying other technologies which suggest health solutions with increased water solubility - I began to understand. Imagine our friend with the back problem.

"Cellular Hydration": It is similar to the reason pine tree needles turn brown in acid rain. When mineral solubility is lost, the water suddenly loses structure -and is no longer more orderly than ice. So many of the bodies problems- are about getting the water into solubility - in this case getting water into the tissues of our friends back problem..

Here from our Science section:


We think we have the most effective (implosive) way
to get reduced molecular cluster size- and thereby increased 'bio-availability'.

So - it makes sense that many bodily functions would be served if the water molecules you drink - are more available to absorb.

We are asking for more help- in the drink testing. We also ask drink mixers to note the result in silkiness and smoothness.

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