Peter Van Den N. from Belgium

MANY thanks to Peter Van Den N. from Belgium for his help in initiating this early test:

The Test: 25 People were given a choice of Imploder water, versus regular public water there in Belgium.

Here is Peter's report:


Here a summary of my small experiment:

1) 25 people were presented 2 identical glasses in front of them, one containing imploded (3X) tapwater and the other containing plain tapwater. They were asked to intuitively choose the glass they preferred if they were to drink one of the two glasses.

results: 18 choose the imploded water, 7 the non-imploded. After questioning why they choose so, the 18 answered: felt better, more wright, stronger... From the 7 others, 1 answered because they had the idea it was more polite to choose the glass that seemed nearest to her, another had the habit of picking always what was on his right side so did just that, two other could not shut off their mind and picked one because they didn't want to waste my time any longer, and the other three because it felt that way. so really intuition: 18 versus 3

2) 100 people were asked if they would like to join in an experiment which included drinking from a glass of water and if words/thoughts/feelings would pop up , to ,write these down on a sheet of paper which I lay besides the glass.
The glass contained imploded water (3X) and was about just above half-full.

results: 83 comments, 17 no comments
I won't translate and write them all down, but give a good representation of them:

...Tingly on the tongue, fuller taste then other water they drunk, oily , thicker, more consistant, gives nice sensation,nicely gelly in the mouth, light and soft, wavy,stays longer in the mouth, fresh feeling, fresh taste and freshness stays, less sticky, LIFE, sensation of "presence" that stays in the mouth, water that asks to be drunk more slowly, tingly feelings throughout the entire body after the first sip, very nice, no other then usual, seems to be tapwater, something special but cannot name it...

One lady asked for some water to take home, I filled a 1 liter glass bottle which she took home. Next morning she came back for a refill on which I asked to give me a report on what she experiences drinking this water: She wrote me: I feeled energised, more awake and present, had a hard time finding my sleep (which could be due to her departure on holiday next morning she added)


--Update Aug 18,10 from Peter:

"Dan, I've redone the intuitive water-test this week with again 25 people.
This trial I showed the 2 glasses (one imploded tapwater (3X), one regular tapwater) only for a second, just for them to see they were containing water, then I covered the glasses and asked which glass they would choose to drink intuitively;

results: 21 choose imploded water, 2 abstentions(impossible to choose based on feeling only) and 2 choose regular tapwater

See you.. Peter

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