30% Growth Benefit w/Superimploder in S.Cal"worst tap water"

Fruiting Phase&Healthy Plant Benefit w/Superimploder in S.Cal"worst tap water" June 14,2104:"For the Implosion Group: We ordered and received the Super-Imploder promptly, set it up and began seeing the results. Using it to pre-cycle and order water and nutrients in a timer operated hydroponic system has been very beneficial in the fruiting phase, and overall, as indicated by extreme health of plants using the United States’s worst rated tap-water. We installed a very high quality water filter and expect to see much improved results. We have nothing but positive comments and results using the Super Imploder, noting the dramatic improvements in crops that were previously fraught with health issues. Of course in the type of ‘plant clone’ system utilized here, we are not going to see the most dramatic results we have seen the Super Imploder to be capable of in natural ‘start from seed’ cycles, so we will be happily purchasing another to use in our outdoor garden test. Regardless, we now know we cannot do without it in any application. Much love and thanks to Dan and Jason, very helpful and kind in all aspects of our interaction. evan thomas, peaceful inhabitant on the land commonly called ‘southern california’ 06/14/2014 (Evan sent update- 1 week later: "Update: final fruit weight with full season of super imploder use was 9 pounds heavier than previous high yields! 30 % Increase.

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