Colin Williamson, Corneilla de Conflent, France

Results after 17 days, Imploder results in much better growth!

Height variance:
Imploder beans 105 cms, 41.3 inches, regular beans 57 cms, 22.4 inches.

Also significant difference in leaf size and diameter of bean stalk.

Very dramatic results, very exciting.

After only 5 days, we saw already a dramatic difference in growth. We had placed 7-8 radish seeds in each pot. Look at the difference! Imploder water fed pots on the right. Many more seeds germinated and grew much better.

This study was using very pristine mountain water. So - the effect is across water types. In UK we had water which had notably bad re-dox potential measure for growth. There we got such a dramatic (328% by weight!) growth effect.

We were doubtful this would happen when starting with good water. But.. here we are next to mount Canigou- with nice mountain water- and STILL this dramatic difference!

Aug 4 - the bean results height now more then triple - and on Aug1 - weight tests for radish: Imploder Water weight results: double!

beans July 31

radish results double

On Aug 4,2010: Colin reports

"Dan, Please find attached the close out of the radish test. This is the one from the black containers that showed dramatic differences when comparing Imploder watering and regular water. - The end result of the radish was double the weight primarily due to the rate of germination. We planted the same number of seeds in each container and the results were 3g of regular water radish and 6 grams of Imploder water radish. ...

New test underway tonight to test peas, beans and tomatoes for effectiveness of the Imploder water.


The existing bean plant test is now beyond belief. The Imploder beans are now 250 cm and 220 cm versus the 55 and 65 cm regular water plants. We are at week five and I am looking forward to letting this test run its course until the fall. Everyone who visits is astonished. If I wasn't the person growing them it would be hard to believe that the only difference is in the water! What force have you unleashed Dan? The implications for agriculture are staggering. We are getting in touch with a wine producer to start some grape tests as well. Talk to you soon, Colin"

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