Michal Moc, Czech Republic

Hi Dan, i received your shower. and tested it myself. it is like making love with the water that reached and touched the infinity :-)

I have discovered interesting thing, don't know if you came across it. when you shower water level in your bath-tub it makes special waves. there is certain height when it starts to make this waves and when it stops. roughly from 13 cm to 22 cm (or 27)- depending on the flow (or more likely on the velocity of the water). the interesting thing is, the frequency- it ranges in my case from 37 bpm to 130 bmp- depending on the height above water level and the flow (or velocity) of the water. the whole thing reminds me heart beating. interesting to have your heart in the water level.

I made a movie and make experiment and measured the data. - see attached below

best wishes
Michal Moc

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