Otaki, North Island, New Zealand, July- August (winter months) 2010

Below are well coordinated testings overseen by one of Australasia's largest seed germination companies.

During record breaking temperatures in a very cold winter (including several frosts)

spinach and brocolli were watered once approx every 2-3 days, Water was only circulated once, with normal hose pressure. Testing still proceeding

From: Yvan Perrin

Please have a look at the analysis.
A-0 represents samples taken before the test from city water supply
A-1 represents samples taken on first pass through two imploder devices
A-2 represents samples taken after 10 minutes re-circulating water. Estimated passes are 10-12 passes through the imploder

Results are very interesting to see the decrease of chlorine combined and chlorine free residuals. Quite amazing for a very simple test.

I will do more test on arsenic and managnese water contamination, e-coli and coliforms next week on two site pre-selected.

All The Best & Regards.

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