SPROUT Growth Improved AND Their Storage Quality Improved

Amardeep - from Melbourne, Australia writes- Sept 3, 2013: Thanks dan, and thank you for all your exciting contributions to humanity and consciousness itself. ... I had done a comparison experiment with plants but had to leave for another city before its completion. However I did do an interesting experiment germinating sprouts in bottles 1. There was clearly more sprouts in the bottle with the imploded water. (Will count next time and give more accurate figures was in quite a rush at the time) 2. I forgot to remove the sprouts for several days and stumbled on them still in the cupboard. The bottle of sprouts with regular water had gone bad and had a rotten smell and visible mould, while the bottle of sprouts with imploded water had a pleasant smell of a good fermentation akin to beer or kombucha. A very profound difference ! Thank you thank you thank you! Amardeep N.

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