Southern Cross University, Lismore Australia

In the first trials The Superimploder magnet array- produced a (1) - modest movement of ph/ acidity in the alkaline direction, modest/slight increase in conductivity and dissolved sates (2), (3) However a probably signficant -useful increase in dissolved oxygen (4), and possibly most important a fairly dramatic move of Redox potential (5) in the direction useful to life! (redox IS fractality!)

These tests are being replicated - and significant results are reproducing- more soon- specifically the lab is being set up to nicely differentiate the effect of the magnetic array separately from the now removeable implosive nozzle. Thanks and a tip of the Imploder hat especially to Martin Selecki and Keith there in Byron area!

Note also the general magnetic effect (SuperImploder is the world's most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment) shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries.

In addition to the extensive reseach completed and underway with TheImploder technology, we present consistent international general research showing that in general MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT- for agriculture and for home use (even descaling and more)- is WIDELY PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.

Reminder- the international research is clear: magnetic water treatment DOES work. Our SuperImploder- at 3000 gauss! per magnet - over the large surface area of 8 coherently directed magnets conjugating right into the water flow- IS THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT DEVICE.

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