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Like attracts Like - CMR, Dan Winter & John Searl

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CMR Non-Contact Attachment Utilizing Permanent Magnets

Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR)

Magnetic Phase Conjugation:
2 Like magnetic poles that would normally repel can ATTRACT if aligned properly. When forcing the magnets together, it seems that if you twist the magnets like screwing a nut to a bolt, the flux alters to lock in place.

Dan Winter says that magnetic fields are Octahedral in nature.
Ed Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder (PMH) comes to mind here. and if 2 inverse octahedral fluxes conjugate.... would that equal Ed's "Sweet 16?"

(Only if you've been doing lots of research will you even know what the Hell I'm talking about!)


From Dan Winter:

Like poles of a magnet can attract each other if the fields are aligned correctly.
The Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion- see nozzle in link below)
COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE or SIMILAR poles of the Magnets ATTRACT each other:
(please show this to your physics professor.. after they fall off their chair- send us an email.. this is NOT an illusion- thousands have witness.. the ANGLE of the 2 like magnetic poles - when precise and octahedral across correct permissivity.. creates the ATTRACTION of like poles!)

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines- create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level- which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine- sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density (see measures below).


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