Imploder Shower Nozzle




Applying golden ratio to the physics of water, creating Life Affirming water

See IMPLODER SHOWER - "Self Aware Touch Sensitive VORTEX" film clip- and Graphic Details Page!- IMPLODER SHOWER Graphic Detail .

No plumber needed to replace your old shower. Simply unscrew your old shower-head, screw wall mount on and connect the hose. Comes in a sleek chrome finish, with a detachable hand shower that makes it easy to direct the flow.

With the Imploder nozzle, you can experience the silkier feeling of vortex-spun water.

The science is that once molecules are spun in water in such a way to flow centripetally, they begin to have a certain memory of connection. This is called spin coherence. The Imploder Shower nozzle does not have the powerful magnetic array of The Imploder water treatment device, but it does have the exquisite spin geometry which installs the hydrodynamic geometry of implosion in the water's molecular memory.

People using the shower nozzle have consistently reported a softer silkier feeling in the water. They talk about a sheeting action- where the water gains "laminar coherence" which is one of the key qualities of 'sensitive chaos' in water. Memory of spin is a good name for the physics of energy, mass and life-force.

If your water feels dead, try the Imploder Shower nozzle and see if it doesn't feel a little more like being in a real waterfall in nature. In any case, playing with the Imploder Nozzle's - 'self aware' little 'pony tail' in the water - (see animation above) which responds to touch like a kitten's tail, is alone enough to tickle your watery fantasy. It's very powerful, and gives you a "tingly" massage feel.

Standard ¾ inch also fits metric

Experience the silky feeling of votex spun water...

Update- Sept 2018- Imploder Shower design is updated-
to Resinex Technyl Black- Same Vortex- but Much Tougher / Higher Pressure Rated

New upgrades shower: stronger material

(Note the Pulsing "HeartBeat" like wave geometry- data below..)




  • More spin dense water molecules feel silkier
  • Spin density is washing ability
  • Sheeting action / laminar layering
  • Adds elegance and fascination to your shower


  • Home shower becomes a place to watch and learn implosion made visible
  • Education in how spin can generate perfect centripetal geometry
  • Mixing / spinning / the spray nozzle also allows water to absorb oxygen
  • Teaching the power of vorticity
  • Where water feels dead- the Imploder vortex adds feeling of LIFE!

Thread Sizes

3/4 in (corresponds to metric also)- male one end, female the other


Normal house pressures ok- nominal is on 20 psi, off 40 psi. However
the fortron material design etc can handle at least 50-60 psi.

Flow rate

Flow rate is calculable based on diameter vs. the pressure you have- see more on this
on the physics page